Friday, December 19, 2014

How and Why I Review Bathrooms

This is the first draft of my thoughts on the project, so bear with me:

I'm the reason why when your browsing for somewhere to eat on Yelp, you see pictures of bathrooms. My profile

"The first thing I do is check to see if the bathroom is clean. If it's not clean, then it indicates that they're not paying attention." - Chef Michael Merida

I heard this quote a few months ago and it left a strong impression on me. For as long as I can remember I have always wondered why businesses let their bathrooms detoriate are to such a sad state. I would thing "if I owned a business, I would be so proud that I would pay attention to the details like the bathroom". I would be embarrassed if someone set foot in my bathroom and they had a strong repulsion.

I realized leaving pictures of a business in yelp reviews could be very compelling motivation for business owners to pay attention

I stuck with a 5 star rating in my picutre comments to be consistent with yelps own rating systems.

If you are reading this I'm sure you are curious about how I define my ranking system

After much thought and discussion I decided any business should be able to achieve a 5 start rating. I don't expect a fast food joint to have a bathroom attendant. This means the expectation are  relative to the type of establishment.

Any business can and should be clean to the point that I can tell a deep clean has been done more than once a year.

I don't want to see dust clogging the ceiling vent. I don't want to see mold or mildew in corners or along the baseboards. I don't want to see holes or random screws sticking out of the wall from previous installations.

I do want to see good lighting, a garbage can that is appropriately sized and emptied frequently as appropriate for the businesses traffic, a comfortable layout, functional hardware.

1 - I probably turned around and walked out
2 - out of toilet paper, soap, towels, malfunctioning hardware. Appears only daily effort is emptying trash.
3 - Fully functional and appears to be cleaned daily. But I wonder if a deep clean has ever been done?
4 - attention to detail, space is well put together. Appears deep clean is done on a reasonably frequent schedule
5 - I would be willing to eat a meal in here!