Friday, February 01, 2013

The Angst of An Anakin Generation

Years before J.J. Abrams was pegged to direct the Star Wars sequels, he provided some thought provoking social commentary about the unique role of the first two trilogies to their respective generations:
“Obviously, [Anakin's] fall was inevitable and you learn that from the early films,” Abrams says. “You know it’s going to happen and watching it happen is tragic. What’s fascinating to me is that I grew up in a time when my friends related to Luke and now, my kids relate to Anakin. There is an interesting social comment there — that when I grew up the hero was an optimistic young neophyte who becomes this hero and the new generation’s hero is a strong-willed, ambitious and ultimately vilified protagonist who is misled and, for reasons of ego and heartbreak, literally becomes the very villain that my generation fought against.” - J.J. Abrams
It's ironic then that Malcolm David Kelley (Of "Walt" fame from Lost) captures this angst of the Anakin generation:

Lets hope the hero in the third trilogy is more redemptive, for humanities sake.

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