Friday, February 22, 2013

PSA: Watch Shaun of the Dead

There are few films that I will begrudgingly watch a second time, even fewer that I actually enjoy watching again every few years.

Shaun of the Dead is one of them, from start to finish, never slow and always funny. Easily makes my top 10, and is surely the most under-appreciated of my favorites. It came out in 2004, presciently on the leading edge of the zombie craze of our time.

The Walking Dead desensitized my wife to zombies (thankfully), so I was able to convince her to watch Shaun of the Dead last weekend.

My PSA: If you are among the millions enjoying The Walking Dead, do yourself a favor, and watch Shaun of the Dead this weekend as well.

Added bonus for some of who might be enjoying my other favorite series; I discovered a new treasure that gives me much joy:

Yes, Sean and Matthews mum are both played by the timeless English mother, Penelope Wilton (Barbara and Isobel Crawley respectively).

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