Friday, February 08, 2013

Learn Code the Hard Way

When I praised the merits of a textbook, I did not mean to invoke the commonly associated image of an overpriced stodgy physical book. Truly, a textbook need not have any of those three attributes.

A series of works which are the antithesis of that common definition is Learn Code the Hard Way.

Learn Code the Hardware is an amazing standard introduction to various programming languages. I found the basic methodology of "code first, explain second" to be effective for my learning style.

I first utilized Learn Python the Hard Way as a companion to Udacity courses CS 253 and CS 258, which both require a basic proficiency in Python.

And then, coming from a background in C++, I dove in to Learn C the Hard Way to prepare for a 300 level Operating Systems course at PSU. The other must read when learning C is the definitive, and refreshingly short, original manual by Kernighan and Ritchie: C Programming Language (2nd Edition) (also commonly known as K&R C).

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