Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Complete Introduction to Command Line

I once heard an author say that when you are a child you use a computer by looking at the pictures. When you grow up, you learn to read and write. Welcome to Computer Literacy 101. Now let's get to work.
- William E. Shotts, Jr
If you've made it past the initial confusion of the command line, then you are likely beginning to see it's value as a programmers tool and are ready to start wading towards the deep end. This is the comprehensive text that will take you there: The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction.

And don't let the title scare you away if you aren't committed to Linux. A lot will be the same and all the concepts are still relevant for any UNIX-like system (OSX, Solaris, BSD).

Shotts' has also contributed his hard work to the free knowledge of humanity by releasing it under a Creative Commons license. You can download the PDF if you are student short on cash or just want to kick the tires.

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