Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sherlock and Downton Abbey Intro Theme

I've always enjoyed the intro theme for the excellent new BBC Sherlock series:

Music by David Arnold & Michael Price.

Well, recently we decided to give Downton Abbey a shot. But that intro theme sure does sound familiar:

As far as I can tell the intro theme from Downton Abbey is written by John Lunn.

The Downton Abbey theme sounds like an acoustic version of the Sherlock Holmes theme.

And yes, we are now hooked on Downton Abbey as well.


buddy2blogger said...

The soundtrack for the BBC Sherlock is a classic. Have you tried the Russian adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. The Russian soundtrack by Vladimir Dashkevich is also a classic in every sense of the word.

I can provide you the link for the Russian series if you are interested.


DK said...

What do you mean by Russian adaptation? Do is it re-imagine Sherlock as a Russian? Or was it just made for a Russian audience?

Essay Writing said...

Downtown Abbey theme is awesome, its like classical and its very pleasant and cool:)

Kevin said...

Pretty cool. I love classical and I love the way you made it.