Friday, March 16, 2012

Bingeing on Classical Music

The last few weeks, no less than 4 hours of classical music a day. 

Enjoy the eclectic beginnings of my favorite classical music list:

If this doesn't arouse your spirit, nothing will. Exuberant. Spontaneous. Playful.
Arturo Márquez - Conga del Fuego:

Let it be know, this song shall be played at my funeral. Epic. Sorrowful. Apocalyptic. 
Patrick Cassidy - Funeral March:

Hang in there through the 1 minute prelude; you will not regret it. Magical. Hopeful. Noble.
Bedřich Smetana - The Moldau:

I have (re)discovered Portland's very own

Besides awesome classical music 24/7, The Score is an excellent weekly show highlighting "the music that makes good movies great!". I rarely catch it live, but you can catch the most recent two weeks "On Demand" through their web based player.

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