Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Writing on the Window - Citizen Kane and The Social Network

The Social Network and Citizen Kane both follow the whirl-wind ascent of two driven individuals.

Both Kane and Zuckerberg see the potential of their respective media (print and digital), innovate existing technology, creating new ways for people to connect, and manage to make a fortune along the way.

As much as the films are about creating and making, the stories are also about breaking and losing. Both films explore the hero's brokenness and frailty. Both start their ascent with a close network of friends, but their rapid power and pride wrecks havoc on their relationships.

For me, the following shots were the catalyst to connect the two films. At the foundation of their ascent...

Citizen Kane - Writing the "Declaration of Principles" on the window:
The Social Network - Writing the "Elo Rating System" algorithm on the window:
There is significant symbolism of the window scene at that particular moment in both films. What is written on the window acts as the catalyst for the protagonist and the viewer. Simply put, it's the window into the protagonist's future success.

But the Social Network puts an interesting spin on the scene. Having Eduardo write the equation foreshadows the main tension of the story. That is, Zuckerbergs repeated use of Eduardo (his network and money) as the means to achieve his own future success.


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