Friday, January 06, 2012

Irenaeus on The Tree of Life

It was January 2011 when the trailer for Tree of Life crashed in to my life. I couldn't stop pondering the meaning of the line "Nature vs Grace".

I anxiously waited 6 long months until June, when we were finally able to see the movie. I began the long and rewarding journey of processing the films meaning.

The film continued to resound within me as I processed deeper. I began to understand it's meaning with greater clarity.

It is now 2012 and this film has not ceased changing me.

Last week I was at a gathering with Roger Newell. When he read the following Irenaeus quote the total weight of The Tree of Life hit me:
"Wherefore also He drove him out of Paradise, and removed him far from the tree of life, not because he envied him the tree of life, as some venture to assert, but because He pitied him, [and did not desire] that he should continue a sinner forever, nor that the sin which surrounded him should be immortal, and evil interminable and irremediable. But he set a bound to his state of sin, by interposing death, and thus causing sin to cease, putting an end to it by the dissolution of the flesh, which should take place in the earth so that man, ceasing at length to live to sin, and dying to it, might begin to live to God. " - Irenaeus (Against Heresies; Book 3, Chapter 23, Paragraph 6
There you have it. The meaning of the film The Tree of Life in just two, though quite heavy, sentences.

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