Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Lowly Thermostat Receives Apple Makeover

We just installed a new furnace. The bidding process was rather painless. The winner was based on efficiency, cost, and expertise. I only had one reservation.

The thermostat.

He tried to sell it to me as a "sexy gadget". "Color touchscreen with SD Slot to load custom wallpapers." Yes, I grimaced. And yes, I actually did ask for a simpler model.

I wanted something simple and functional. You know, something like this:

Instead I'm stuck with an unresponsive chintzy piece of plastic like this:

But I won't have this monstrosity on my wall for too long.

Enter Nest:

Functional, clean, intelligent, simple, connected. A lustworthy thermostat.

It's not designed by Apple, but Apple is in the DNA (The 2 founders of Nest were responsible for the iPod).

More importantly, this product is symbolic of the trickle down effect of Apple ideals: 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Icons Change

Another submission to Little Bit Details.

On OSX Lion, large icons selected on desktop:

Become small icons when dragged to folder: