Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Post-PC Age

Apple spent the last half a decade distinguishing between Mac & PC - so that they can champion the "post-PC age".

You can hear this repeatedly in yesterdays presentation.

If I understand correctly, Steve Jobs was brewing up the iPhone/iPad revolution in early 2000's before the Mac vs PC ad campaign began. I have a hunch they had a clear vision for ushering in the post-PC age.

We see here how strategic Apple is, especially in light of the "Back to Mac" renewal of the Mac platform. They are leveraging the iOS platform as a lifeline to pull the Mac into the post-PC age. This is what Apple means when they say OSX Lion is "The Power of Mac OSX, the Magic of iPad".

Apple is not leaving Mac behind in the dieing PC-age.

And I'm not speaking functionally (though there is plenty of truth in that too) so much as I am talking consumer perception of what is antiquated and what is the cutting edge.

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Anna said...

Now if they would just fix their Numbers program. (I spent a couple hours last night trying to get it to make the chart I wanted, without success.)