Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Movie Madness (Poll)

64 of the greatest Science Fiction movies duke it out based on your votes, First Round is TODAY at io9.

I'm suprised Wall-E is beating Gattaca, otherwise (if your curious) my votes for round 1 are matching the current leaders (as of typing).
TODAY March 15 and Friday, March 18: First Round
Monday, March 21 and Wednesday, March 23: Second Round
Friday, March 25: Sweet Sixteen
Monday, March 28: Elite Eight
Wednesday, March 30: Final Four
Friday, April 1: Final Four
Monday, April 4: Championship

I can't imagine any moving having enough mass appeal to beat out Star Wars.

My prediction: Star Wars will beat Star Trek II: Wraith of Khan in the championship.

But it will be a lot of fun to see how the others fall a long the way!

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