Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Anti-Facebook

 Would you willingly add a dose of accountability to your digital identity?

Color is a new mobile social networking app with one big catch; you don't totally control the content. It intelligently pulls pictures, video, and text that are uploaded by everyone around you, creating a timeline/diary of your life.

In a mashup between a wonderful childrens story and a fascinating study on the effects of Facebook on your self-esteem I explored how our digital persona's have the potential to be dangerously uncoupled from reality.

Color offers a striking alternative:
"As for Facebook, Nguyen says he's started to lose his interest in the service. "It's become: Look at how amazing my vacation is, or look what great shape I'm in!" he says. "To me, it's way pithy. It's just become a highlight reel--and not real life anymore."

Real-life is exactly what Color hopes to deliver, with a hint of accountability. On other social networks, no one is held accountable for any photo uploaded--one can simply keep albums private or create a fake identity" (via FastCompany)

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