Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Social Network just a Movie about Facebook?

 This 8 minute behind the scenes documentary and review will help communicate the art and value of this finely crafted film. 

It's definitely worth viewing. Get your hands on it and let me know how it matched up to your expectations (likewise if you had already seen it in theaters).  

After watching The Social Network you'll also enjoy Part 2 (Boston), Part 3 (Los Angeles), and Part 4 (The Lot). I have a much deeper appreciation for the craft of film making, especially David Fincher as a director.

Another post will be coming about the soundtrack. Keep an eye out if you like free music. 

I'll leave you with this closing thought from Part 4 in the documentary:
"If you have time for that Facebook, you have time to tutor a child" 

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