Monday, February 21, 2011

Name This Style of Art

 I need your help!

Elena and I watched Father of Bride II (we are rediscovering the Steve Martin classics) and I was struck by a piece of art hanging over the mantel in their daughters house (~46 minutes in).

While the subject is fairly mundane, I think it is beautiful. The problem is I lack the vocabulary to describe in words what moves me through my eyes. As far as I can tell I am drawn to the vivid lighting; with the harsh shadows cast across the bold colors.

Could any help name what style of art this is? I'd like to explore more like it and eventually try and find something for my own home.


Sarah said...

I wonder if you could contact someone like an art historian at a museum to help you identify the style of the painting...

john & shelly said...

Ahh - you're admiring the great 20th Century American realist painter Edward Hopper. :) His most recognizable work is Nighthawks. He's definitely known to be a master of clean, volumetric forms and of light and shadow.

DK said...

Yes! You nailed it! I spent all day with my eyes lingering over his work.

Exactly what you said about clean volumetric forms and light and shadow... I love that stuff. :)