Sunday, January 02, 2011

My Personal Favorite Blog Posts

 From the top 50 most trafficked posts of all time:
This wraps up my reflection series on blogging. I previously shared a list of the top 10 most trafficked posts of the decade/all time/life of the blog and a list of the new posts in 2010 that are challenging the top spots.

Blogging has been a very fulfilling endeavor. I'm anticipating the next decade to be even more so!


Anna said...

So did you ever get a satisfying answer to the question of whether Jesus wore clothes or not?

DK said...

Haha, I guess the question wasn't so much "did he", but "why would he", and yes I have a satisfying answer. In his humility of taking on flesh he took on the same social constructs that man has created/needs to exist in a fallen world.

Anna said...

Hmm. I would say it goes beyond that. God made everything good... including the tree of knowledge of good and evil. I believe that the tree is something God meant Adam and Eve to eat off of - eventually. But they disobeyed him and ate it before he meant them to. It was as if they were jump-started into a later phase of what God planned for humans - a phase that included wearing clothes. (Notice that in Rev 7:9, the saints in heaven are pictured wearing white robes - not a return to the pre-Fall nakedness).

I think this has something, too, to do with the fact that small children are often happy to run around naked; that sense of shame is something they acquire as they grow older. It's as if each child is re-living the history of mankind, starting off without the knowledge of good and evil, and acquiring it as they grow.

So Jesus wasn't just submitting to social norms; he was living out part of God's plan for people.

DK said...

I really like what your getting at! It really connects some ideas that a friend and I were discussing (but had no thought of connecting) about the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In fact, I'm going to recommend he read your comment right now.