Thursday, January 06, 2011

Hardcopy or Softcopy?

The definition of these words have lost rigidity in my mind. What used to spark an instinctual recognition now elicits a foggy moment in delay.

It seems we are approaching a crossing point where what is traditionally the "softcopy" has become much "harder", in that it is more durable, even immortal. While the "hardcopy" is increasingly "soft" in its mortality.

My delay in recognition is the process of translation the definition that I believe to be true (that a digital file is more durable then a paper file) into the intended definition based on traditional syntax of a historical period (where a paper file was a reliable backup to a digital file).

I don't think those terms will have the same meaning to the next generation. Or if they do retain the same definition, it will be perplexing why when one stops to think about the logic.

Of course, you don't have to agree with me, because all of this depends on the logic you use to make sense of the words in the first place.

Etymology in action. I'm feeling quite nostalgic for my linguistics class at PSU. It gave vibrancy and texture to language like I never imagined possible.

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