Saturday, January 08, 2011

70's "Christian" Anti-Communist Video

 I truly hope this kind of distortion and perversion of Christian theology only existed on the fringe in the 70's. My heart breaks for the young people who were afflicted by this kind of poison.

A quick synopsis:
"If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?, which is based on the teachings of the fire-and-brimstone Reverend Estus Pirkle, depicts a United States under the thrall of Communist overlords. This is no flight of fancy, mind you. The film claims that if miniskirts, rock-and-roll, premarital sex, and other forms of secular fun are not replaced by nationwide piousness, the United States will be taken over by a Red fifth column by 1973. Once the Commies are in power, they'll brainwash us with uncreative chants and uncomfortable benches." (from io9)
I'm surprised it didn't occur to anyone working on this project that they were using the exact same strategies that they accuse communists of using to convince people to abandon Christianity (scare tactics, threats, and repetition all to control people). Nothing like fighting fire with fire. Not to mention the absence of the Gospel.

Far from the Gospel, this video reeks of American propaganda thinly veiled with a fire and brimstone appeal to Christian values. This video doesn't agitate me so much as I expected it would. Maybe because I can rest peacefully tonight with the reminder that the Church has largely let go of the idea that America is some how analogous to Israel in the Old Testament (See 3:25 in the video).

Movie begins at 1:30, I know you don't want to miss "Jesus can't give you candy, but Fidel Castro can" at 19:00, and little boys head rolls at the hands of a communist at 45:00. You can't even imagine everything that's in-between.

Your stomach will twist, sometimes because of the gruesome imagery, but mostly because of the horrendous theology and perverted scare tactics employed. Brace yourself, this is my last warning:

Was this stuff really showed in churches?

I have a hunch that Westboro Baptist Church is what you get when people watched those videos in the 70's and took them seriously. But the challenge is to understand their intentions and not judge them based solely on the outcome.

My understanding is that Westboro closely resembles the preacher in this video. They have the best of intentions, to convict of our sin and reveal God's will. They would see you and I as being "luke warm", because we stand idly by while our nation indulges in sin left and right.

Now it's on to untying the theological perversions that motivate their intentions.


Jim Slowin said...

I think was the movie I saw at 12 or 13 in a Baptist Church in the 1970's............. scared the crap out of me and I vividly remember many of the scenes. This movie gives organized religion a BAD name!

Anonymous said...

I saw this movie when I was 11 or 12 years old at a Baptist church. The only other person that I ever met that saw it too, was Pentecostal. It was mortifying and my sister and I were scarred by it. Caused me to change my religion.