Thursday, December 16, 2010

You Hate Twitter?

  Why it's worth a second look, but not for what you might think.

I often find myself in crowd of friends biting my tongue, while Twitter receives a thrashing. I understand the shallow and vain content that has tainted so many impressions of Twitter. But if this defines Twitter, then you are missing how valuable of a communication tool it is.

While the "low" uses are an unfortunate aspect of Twitter*, by no means does it define Twitter.

Twitter represents a complete paradigm shift in communication. A new form of communication that can be leveraged to solve real world problems and make our communities better. That's a mighty claim, but here are a few glimpses of Twitter in action:
This is just the start.

Have you seen any other stories of Twitters potential in action?What other ways can a tool like Twitter be wielded to mobilize and empower people to strengthen the social fabric of our communities and our globe?

*It is totally possible to regularly participate in Twitter without encountering those who use it for "low" uses. In fact you don't even have to contribute to appreciate it's value. And you definitely don't have to follow people who abuse it just because they are you friends or family. For example, I follow some specified news sources to stay up on things I'm interested in, a few comedians for comic relief, and a select handful of friends and family who occasionally use it to share content I would be interested in.

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