Monday, December 06, 2010

What I Learned From Writing 50K+ Words in 30 Days

More then anything, writing that much sparked an unquenchable thirst to read more!

In retrospect I see how much I drew from life experience to create new ideas. While nothing can be more formative to your creativity then rich authentic life experiences, reading can augment the potential of this creativity exponentially.

My next lesson was achieved by confronting the fear of how much I suck. There was a constant looming question of "what if there's nothing left?" and every word you write sounds more like crap then the last.

But I kept gagging myself, forcing something, anything to come out. Time and time again vomit would splatter across the screen. I would sit back to catch my breath, reflecting on what was written.

And it's brilliant.

Moments earlier I was convinced it's over. It's a dead end. Futile. I'm empty. Failure.

That's only day 3.

By day 7 I began to find comfort in the routine feeling of my inadequacy. But that didn't make it any easier. Multiple times a day, for 30 days straight, I didn't want to write another word. It required every ounce of self discipline I have acquired in my short 23 years of life (the bulk of which came from Cross Country in High School).

I also learned to keep my iPod touch on hand. Always. This is especially useful in bed to jot down the stream of ideas that regularly hits me with reckless abandon when I'm on the verge of falling asleep.

Finally one of the many lessons I learned about the creative process is to discover that which inspires me - and drown myself in it by engaging as many of my senses as possible (Visual, touch, sound etc.).

In a future post I'll share a few creative wells that I personally draw from.

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