Monday, October 04, 2010

What Makes One a Christian?

The Obama video I posted last week sparked a thoughtful dialogue that I was honored to share with so many of you.

A blog I follow just kicked off the following conversation:
My point today is not decide if our president is a true believer or not. No—I want to know what you think makes anyone a believer. Just what makes one a Christian? Is it a specific group of words that must be confessed? A certain set of beliefs that must be embraced? Are there outward actions, such as baptism, that are requirements before one can be “saved.” What is the bottom line for one becoming a Christian? 
Feel free to comment here or head on over to the Internet Monk, and share your response in the comments. Or just troll. It's your choice.

My initial response to the first round of answers: In contrast to the dialogue about Obama, it interesting that we are quick to make being a Christian so complicated when it comes to real people, but in theory it's so simple.

What's up with that?

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ET said...

As one who has attended church all of my life, read Christian books, and participated in Christian culture...I honestly don't know how one would define a Christian. Like you said, in theory it is so easy, but it is also so easy to judge others and discredit whether or not they are truly Christian. My conclusion - its not my place to say who is truly a Christian and who is not. I can only decide for what is directly in front of me and affecting me - there is no point to place judgements on anyone, including people I don't even personally know.