Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Time is Passing so Quickly!"

Do find yourself or others saying this more often? Does this bother you? Do you ever wonder why?
I encourage you to ponder this quote from C.S. Lewis.

"At one time I was much impressed by Arnold's line 'Nor does the being hungry prove that we have bread.' But surely tho' it doesn't prove that one particular man will get food, it does prove that there is such a thing as food! i.e. if we were a species that didn't normally eat, weren't designed to eat, would we feel hungry? You say the materialist universe is 'ugly.' I wonder how you discovered that! If you are really a product of a materialistic universe, how is it you don't feel at home there? Do fish complain of the sea for being wet? Or if they did, would that fact itself not strongly suggest that they had not always, or would not always be, purely aquatic creatures? Notice how we are perpetually surprised at Time. ('How time flies! Fancy John being grown-up and married! I can hardly believe it!') In heaven's name, why? Unless, indeed, there is something about us that is not temporal."
I also recommending reading the three letters C.S. Lewis wrote to Sheldon Vanauken (the source of this quote) in there entirety.

I'll be reflecting more on the works of C.S. Lewis as I work my way through a class on his life and works.

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