Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lets Kickstart the Blue Like Jazz Movie!

I grew up in a Christian context always having all the right answers. If there wasn't an answer, you were asking the wrong question. There was no room for questions that don't have a black and white single sentence answer; no room for questions or frustrations that cause the discomfort of doubt.

However, creating a vacuum where questions and frustrations can't be expressed outwardly does not eliminate them. How much more dangerously they fester unexposed in the darkness within, undermining further truths; as dry rot further spreads through an otherwise strong structure.

Blue Like Jazz found me when I was struggling through a season of life when many in my context considered me to be asking the "wrong questions" that "didn't have answers". These questions and frustrations were mounting a relentless attack and I was helplessly outnumbered, prepraing for my retreat.

Blue Like Jazz helped me understand I wasn't alone in my frustrations, that it's okay to journey through questions, that there can still be peace in the midst of doubt. More then anything, this book created the space within which I could engage my questions and frustrations in community, allowing me to open the shutters and let light in. Slowly the questions and frustrations slithered away once they had been exposed to the rising sun outside.

With that being said, here's the point of this post:

Donald Miller recently shared from his heart about the long hard journey of turning the book into a movie, with all the details of how this effort to resurrect the movie has come to pass thus far.

Especially if the book has been an encouragment to you, consider heading on over to the Save Blue Like Jazz The Movie Kickstarter page and chipping in. Depending on how much change you are able to part with, there is some sweet swag!

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