Saturday, October 02, 2010

How Christians Could Save America's Schools

Elena showed me this thought provoking article on how Christians can be a blessing to public schools.
I’m grateful that our children will befriend kids who come from other backgrounds. I’m grateful for the chance to serve other families. And I’m hopeful that our presence will be a blessing, that others might “see our good deeds and praise our father in heaven” (Matt. 5:16). It might be through an explicitly Christian gesture — inviting a friend to Sunday school or saying a blessing before mealtime. Or it might subtler — starting a tutoring program, helping to raise funds for the school, or serving on the PTA.
It’s easy for me to say. We live in an area with some of the best public schools in the state. A group of friends from college, however, has moved into a neighborhood where the schools are, by any measure, in disrepair. Their kids are approaching kindergarten, and they have chosen to stay engaged in their community by sending their children to the failing schools. Some of these friends have joined the local board of education. Others have become after-school volunteers. They are engaged in the messiness —the bureaucracy, the discipline problems, the teachers who are indifferent to their students’ fates. They are engaged because it matters to both their children and the health of their community. They are engaged because caring for the education and economic stability — not only of their own kids, but also of their neighbors — matters to God.
Read more at Christianity Today.

This topic grabbed me as one who spent the better part of my elementary education in a private school and then went to public high school. It's also relevant as the church Elena and I have been plugging in to here in Tigard is currently processing through some really exciting ideas on how they can serve the local public schools

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