Thursday, October 14, 2010

"The details are not details, they make the product"

 - Charles Eames.

This would have made a perfect intro quote for my write up about the "breathing" status light on the MacBook.

On the topic of design and Apple, I recommend reading the full transcript of a very candid interview with John Scully, former CEO of Apple. He provides excellent insight into the history of Apple and the methodology of Steve Jobs.
Because Steve’s design methodology was so correct even 25 years ago he was able to make a design methodology – his first principles — of user experience, focus on just a few things, look at the system, never compromise, compare yourself not to other electronic products but compare yourself to the finest pieces of jewelry — all those criteria — no one else was thinking about that. Everyone else was just going through an evolution of cheap products that are getting more powerful and cheaper to build. Like the MP3 player. Remember when he came in with the iPod, there were thousands of MP3 players out there. Can anyone else remember any of the others?

If you read the whole article I think you will be shocked by John Scully's humility, admitting his failures. I found this humility to be as inspiring as the insight about Steve Jobs methodology.

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