Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Radiolab - Limits of Body, Mind, and Science (Podcast)

The subject of human limits has haunted me since child hood.

One of my earliest really vivid memories in elementary school was the limits of science. Have we reached the limits? Are we close? Not in these terms obviously, but regardless, I was an odd kid. The catlyst event was peering out the window of the car up at a helicopter.

In middle school I was haunted by my memory, or the lack thereof. Everything was important but nothing would stick. I developed an addiction to post-it notes. I continued to this struggle into high school, unable to do rote memorization of details so I delved all the more deeply into understanding concepts inside and out.

Then in high school I was challenged by cross country to enter the gauntlet of physical limits; time after time pushing my body harder, further, and faster then previoulsy imagined.

This hour long episode explores these subjects more thouroughly then I ever imagined possible.

I have loved every episode of Radiolab as much as the last, but I'm finally going to put a stake in the ground and say this is by far the best episode yet.

If Radiolab is new to you:

“Radiolab believes your ears are a portal to another world. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience. Big questions are investigated, tinkered with, and encouraged to grow. Bring your curiosity, and we’ll feed it with possibility.”

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