Sunday, September 19, 2010

October Sky

Continuing my 1956 theme, after posting home video footage of a July 1956 family vacation to Disneyland, I recommend a movie based on the true events that took place later that that fall in a small West Virginia coal mining town.

The movie is very close in nature to my favorite Bollywood movie, 3 Idiots. Though the movies takes place in a different time and culture, the point is the same. The struggles of youth engaging in what I call constructive rebellion.

I see this as a necessary process of escaping from the cocoon one is raised in. The cocoon is constructed to keep one safe during the formative years; hopefully nurturing with the core essentials for the next leg of the journey.

As youth come of age in an ever changing world, it may very well be necessary to break out of the expectations of the social structures they grew up in. This constructive rebellion is not purposefully destructive, as much as it is evolutionarily (totally didn't think this was even a word) necessary for one to mature.

Youth need to be able to explore and discover their own identity in this changing world. Often times the previous generations expectations can be extremely burdensome and constricting to the creativity and growth of the next.

As you may very well know first hand, this process will be abrasive. The raw beauty of this process is expressed effectively in both October Sky and 3 Idiots.

What do you think about this idea of "constructive rebellion"? How has this been true/false in your life experience? What other movies or books have you seen this portrayed in?

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