Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Gospel of Wealth

This is a great Op-Ed piece at NYT. Best concise deconstruction of how the American Dream has influenced Christianity I have seen.
"When Europeans first settled this continent, they saw the natural abundance and came to two conclusions: that God’s plan for humanity could be realized here, and that they could get really rich while helping Him do it. This perception evolved into the notion that we have two interdependent callings: to build in this world and prepare for the next.

The tension between good and plenty, God and mammon, became the central tension in American life, propelling ferocious energies and explaining why the U.S. is at once so religious and so materialist. Americans are moral materialists, spiritualists working on matter."

Anybody read David Platts book Radical: Taking Back Your Faith From the American Dream?

When I went to the Amazon book page, I remembered I had encountered this book once before when I posted this video.


Brian Becker said...

Hey David! This is Brian Becker - we somehow met while Kayaking in the Willamette on Labor Day weekend! I'm glad I found you! That was fun chillin for the hour or so on the river, and I'd love to connect again. You can email me: Our church plant launch team meetings go public this week, as we host the gathering at Papaccino's in Woodstock. I hope you are doing well!

Brian Becker

DK said...

So glad you tracked me down! I'll send you a message soon.