Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who Knew Battery Chargers Could be Sexy

The brilliant thing about this is it shatters the overpriced Apple accessory stereotype. It actually undercuts similar chargers on the market (Just the 6 batteries that are included at $29 makes the price point competitive) and significantly innovates on durability and efficiency.

In other Apple Product news - I love trackpads after 4 years on my MacBook. Am jealous of all the new MacBooks with their nifty multi-touch gesture. Problem solved.

Here's a great review.

I never cease being amazed at how consistent and forward thinking Apple is. The don't sway in the wind with whatever is the latest trends. They set trends because they have a vision and relentlessly pursue after perfection for decades. Desktop track pad on the 20th Anniversary Macintosh in 1997. I'm also thinking of the Newton started in the late 80's and today's day iOS devices.

Here's a quick analysis of the latest iMac and it's competitors...their websites at least. It's interesting how fundamentally different Apple views and communicates their products to consumers.

If these links float your boat, I highly recommend DaringFireball.

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