Thursday, July 08, 2010

Marriage Is... (Poem by Elena)

The following is a video of us reading the poem Elena wrote (and I helped edit) at our cousins wedding:

Marriage Is...
By Elena Knepprath

Marriage is the mumbling of "I Love You" when first awakening
Nothing is better than facing the morning in each others arms

Marriage is breakfast together - pancakes, eggs, juice
Coming back for one last hug before setting off for the day.
It is the awe of the ideas conjured together
Ideas that grow like a wildfire

Marriage is listening
The story of your days
listening and learning about each other

Marriage in the ultimate metaphor of faith

It is patience and dying to self
The realization that pleasing the other is the greater calling
Sacrificing desires and understanding the beauty of grace

It is beauty in forgiveness, comfort in letting go
The unconditional support to pursue dreams
And the accountability to stay pure

Marriage is balancing friends, understanding family
Creating and being family
Becoming one.

It is in the silly and in the profound
Brushing our teeth, dancing around
Hospitality and chores
Time in the rain and in the sun

Marriage is a gift to be cherished
It is a treasure to be kept close
It is love, passion, and pleasure
Commitment, attention, security.

Marriage is beautiful. 

It should be said this is the rated G version of the original poem. We decided to tone it down for the audience at the wedding. Maybe someday we will share the PG-13 version. 

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