Monday, July 26, 2010

Inception Review & Analysis

Simply put, it's an adult sci-fi psychological thriller spin on Pixar's wonderful Up.

Okay, so it's not as derivative as Avatar was with Pocahontas, but there is a strong parallel all the same. Allow me to elaborate.

But first - Warning - this is where the spoilers start.

I'll begin with a brief review of Up. A male protagonist who has lost his wife is catapulted into a thrilling other-worldly and dangerous adventure with a youthful companion who's vibrant enthusiasm and persisting hope leads him on a path to find redemption in the form of liberation from the guilt and regret of his past percieved failures to his wife. In so doing the protagonist is able to move forward in life, unfettered, embracing his new day to the fullest.

Starting with that solid base:

  1. Add one half mind blowing reality vs. perception bending sci-fi elements of The Matrix
  2. Add one quarter chopped Casino Royale for arousing imagery, locales, and suave characters that has both feminine and masculine appeal.
  3. Mix in 1/8 Italian Job and 1/8 Oceans Eleven for a compelling team based heist element to allow for a complimentary cast.
  4. Serve with an epic heart pounding soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.
There's a rock solid recipe for cinematic success. Not my favorite movie of the year, but very good by all standards.

Now for my take on the meaning of the movie. You may note my parallel to Up significantly informs my analysis.

I'm trying to avoid getting hung up on a seemingly futile effort to find secrets in the dream levels and timeline (at least not until I can find a solid flow chart of events to review with clarity...come on blogosphere, get on it). I believe many people are getting hung up on this and distracted from the point. In fact when you step back and take it in from start to finish, it's all quite simple.

Cobb himself is the recipient of Inception.

That's it - the singular movement of the entire movie.

It seems fairly clear that Grandpa Cain is the orchestrator of the Inception which all begins with the opening job. The architect and the Japanese business man have staged this premeditated failure and the following proposal for the big job that requires inception.  Grandpa Cain knows this will drive Cobb to him so that he can plant his hand picked architect. Fischer Jr. is merely a tool to accomplish the true goal. His character reeks of this the entire movie.

All of this is for the purpose of Cobb being able to internalize the idea that Mal's death was not his fault and that he needed to let go of the haunting regret filled memories that had him in bondage, preventing him from (literally) facing his children.

I must admit, it is an unsettling thought that the strong protagonist, seemingly commanding his own destiny, is actually walking in the steps of a bigger master plan. This is easy to swallow for a tool like Fischer Jr, but Cobb? Maybe the very fact that this is unsettling is reason enough to ponder further.

Written while listening to Inception (Official Sound Track):

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