Friday, April 02, 2010

MGMT - Kids (Vid)

Favorite Song of the Month.

I don't know the correct musical terminology (Could someone could help me out?) but I love the "stall" at 3:46, which ultimately climaxes with the "reboot" at 3:54. I love this element in songs.


mknepprath said...

I believe that part is referred to as "the break down." I'm confused by this video, though, because I was under the impression that the following was the actual official music video for the song:

DK said...

Ah, that's helpful, thanks. Ya, I read in the comments on the video I posted that it wasn't the official video but it was the first one I found. :)

mknepprath said...

No problem, but now I can do you one better.

Pretty technical stuff. Haha.

DK said...

Sweet! Thanks man. So what I was talking about specifically is the "drop". The breakdown is the 30 seconds or so leading up to it. Cool. Now I can show off my technical musical terminology. :)