Friday, April 30, 2010

Hormone Injection Makes People More Socially Sensitive

Can you imagine a world where doctors prescribe a drug to make people more sympathetic? Where being insensitive is an illness? Is it just me or with every drug we invent to "fix us", we loose personal responsibility and control of ourselves?
"This study is the latest of several that suggest that intranasal oxytocin seems to 'sensitise' people to become more aware of social cues from other individuals - and more likely to be sympathetic to them." (BBC)

I might be making logical fallacies in my questions, but I'm just trying to process the significance of this study.

I have a hunch my children are going to live in a VERY different world.

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Anna said...

There's an over-medicate movement, and then there's the anti-over-medicate movement. Which, if either, will dominate the lives of our children is unclear to me. I suspect that people will stick with the medications that prove the most useful over time and drop off on the more iffy ones. But then, too, there will always be hypochondriacs who will see the need for every new drug coming out, right?