Thursday, April 01, 2010

Exciting Apps, Early iPad Review Roundup, & Multi-tasking on the Way?

Netflix, Game Table (checkers, chess, and more) Magnetic Canvas for kids (and for nostalgic purposes), Sudoku (personally not a fan of the game, but looks gorgeous), and Course Notes (see video).

These are just a few that have caught my eye to followup the Air Harp from yesterday. Even before it hits customers hands, I think we are starting to see some really tangible evidence of how the iPads form is creating some amazing new forms of media content.

The first wave of reviews is out.

Walt Mossberg / All Things D

- Impressed by the battery life which was longer than Apple's 10 hour claim. (another reviewer reportedly hit 12 hours of continuous video playback)
- No trouble with the on screen keyboard.

Edward Baig / USA Today

- "The first iPad is a winner."
- "Apple has pretty much nailed it with this first iPad, though there's certainly room for improvement."

Andy Inhatko / Chicago Sun Times

- "The iPad user experience is instantly compelling and elegant."
- "It feels more as if the iPad is filling a gap that's existed for quite some time."

iPhone OS 4.0 to bring "Expose like multi-tasking"? This would definietly take the iPhone and iPad to the next level.

Still not convinced? Read about 4 other products the critics said would fail. Yes, the iPod and iPhone are both on the list.

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