Monday, April 26, 2010

Balance Beam

You will love this 4 minutes clip if you liked the last Francis Chan message I posted (Lukewarm and Loving It).

When I saw a rendition of this message done for the first time at my own church, it messed me up - A LOT!

It helped me let go of so much of the fear that dictated my life. It helped me let go of the selfish allure of comfort that had my life in chains. I ended up spending countless nights, over the course of three years, underneath the Burnside Bridge, building some of the most meaningful relationships I have ever had with the very people that most Portlanders will cross to the other side of the street to avoid.

And you know what, they aren't scary, they aren't mean, and they didn't steal my wallet.

They had stories and heartache just like you and me.

Through Nightstrike I ended up meeting my wife and together we leaped into the biggest risk of our life (no not getting married) - we moved into one of the roughest apartment complexes in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Portland. And we have loved it! Living in the will and the purpose of our Father, not letting fear and the fleshes desire for comfort dictate our life, has made for the most amazing journey.

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Rob said...

I saw this video a few weeks ago at Newberg Foursquare with my roommate.

Very challenging. God does not call us to safety.