Thursday, March 18, 2010

Whatever Happened To The Hobbit Movie?

First the quick time-line (as provided by my blog post archive) of the much rumored, ever anticipated movie:

  • The Hobbit - I first blogged about murmurings of The Hobbit prequel to Lord of the Rings in September 2006!
  • In January 2007 we all thought Raimi (of the Spidey trilogy) was taking the reigns. I was not overly enthusiastic of this turn of events, but still glad to see it was moving forward.
  • Almost a year later in December of 2007 there appeared to be an official Green Light. The key players were on board and an official blog went online.
  • A month later, January 2008, more details emerged. Elijah Woods was caught revealing that the Hobbit would be the first of a two part prequel, with the second being a "narrative bridge" to the Lord of the Rings.
  • Soon after it was announced that Guillermo Del Toro would take the Directors seat. Something I was much more excited about than Sam Raimi.
Then there was silence... for two years and two months... for what seemed like an eternity, barely a whisper was heard.

Today I am proud to announce we have official dates, time-lines, and clear confirmation of cast and crew. Filming begins in July, Del Toro directing, Jackson and Fran Walsh producing, and Sir Ian McKellen back as Gandalf (BBC).

All is well on planet Earth.

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