Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Motivates You to Share?

Not stuff, or money - but ideas. Why do you share that video? Email that article? Post that link on Facebook? Why am I writing this blog?

1. Share to feel important (elitist). Sharing validates your experience because others think it is funny/important/helpful too.
2. Share to engage in shared experience (relationship). Sharing helps to connect you closer to others who laugh/think/act based on similar experiences.
3. Share in the hopes of sparking something (revolutionary). Sharing is a catalyst for change, it's rattling the swords and beating the drums in pursuit of a better future ahead.

These three points, the conclusion to a long meandering conversation with Milan, have absolutely no validity beyond our own observations and experiences on the matter. Do you resonate with one or more? Why? Do none of these quite capture why you share?

I just thought this was worth sharing...


Anna said...

A little bit of #2, especially when I post about my kids. But also sometimes something like #3... because I think something is important, and *should* be shared.

ET said...

I don't many people will admit that they share because it makes them feel important or that they have something worth contributing that makes them feel better about themselves and validates their existence and knowledge, but I think that's probably the most common. I confess that is the case with me, probably more cases than not. The other to get reassured that what I am experiencing or discovering is "normal" or "good."