Monday, March 15, 2010

Epic Weekend

Full of beauty, fun, service, laughter, and relationship.

It began Friday night with Oregon Youth Symphony concert at the Arlene Schnitzer with Elena and her youngest brother.

Saturday morning began with the ribbon cutting ceremony at Adorned in Grace. If you know any brides to be, please refer them there. Great selection of dresses for unbeatable prices with all the proceeds going to address sex trafficking that is happening right here in Portland.

Then we headed downtown for the Saturday Market with some sweet live music and picked up some mouth watering spices.

After a Costco shopping trip, including a beautiful bouquet of flowers, we played our first ever round of Bunco at Park Place Coffee. It got pretty crazy at times and was a great opportunity to meet some new neighbors in the Rockwood community.

Got through the first disc of The Two Towers "Platinum Series Special Extended Edition" (translation: 43 minutes of extra footage). Elena hadn't seen any of the trilogy. We are thoroughly enjoying the journey together. It's really exciting to talk through the epic adventure with someone who is seeing it with new eyes for the first time.

Sunday morning workout at the gym before checking out at awesome local Hispanic church, Luz del Pueblo. We loved what they are doing. Great community/family of disciples!

While the sun was peaking out, a few of us at Barberry Village got together for a little service project. We planted some flowers at the with the two Samoan brothers I have been mentoring.

Wrapped it all up with an evening of swing dancing down town.

Topped off with some Voodoo Donuts over an engaging theological discussion with a great group of friends.

Epic weekend indeed.


ET said...

It most definitely was! But I think you forgot to mention Bunco. :P What an incredible weekend!

DK said...

Wow! Your right... I'll fix that.