Wednesday, February 03, 2010

John Stewart's "Toyotathon of DEATH"

I considered posting a handful of different articles to clear up any confusion around Toyota's recalls, but John Stewart handles it more elegantly then I ever could:

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David Letterman finds humor in the situation as well:

  • Japanese government demands an investigation of a faulty electrical system in the brakes of the 2010 Prius after 14 complaints in Japan and 136 complaints in the U.S. (NYT)
  • The U.S. Transportation Secretary states that it "took an enormous amount of effort" for the U.S. to "force" Toyota to do the safety recall related to the faulty accelerator, referring to them as "a little safety deaf". (Free Press)
  • Steve Wozniak states that his new Prius has a "scary" repeatable software glitch affecting the accelerator that neither Toyota or the NHTSA has responded to his request for investigation. (CNET)
All that to say, it seems that Toyota's nightmare is far from over.

This is turning in to such a convoluted mess. Poor floor mat design, mechanical failure, faulty electrical system, and software glitches all affecting some millions of Toyota's newest and most popular models. Someone is loosing their job.


Jvan said...

why such hatred towards Toyota and there current hardship? you drive 2

DK said...

It's not hatred. I just can't deny the comedy.

Your right I am a little less likely to pull punches on GM because they have been a perpetual underdog who has been afflicted by a negative stereotype. Who knew Buick scored higher in reliability then Lexus last year?

It's also interesting to observe this process unfold and hear the mumblings of how Toyota's overconfidence has led to this. A lot of people who have been in the industry awhile are saying it is reminiscent of GM in the 80's. When things are going so good employees become more constricted in their ability to question and challenge the people on top. There's a fear to say what doesn't want to be heard.

DK said...

*I am more likely to pull my punches with GM.

I used the phrase backwards.

Jvan said...

I guess I struggle with the fact that Toyota has stepped up to the plate and taken responsibility for the problems they have created. I don't have numerous hours to research all that has gone into this event and the floor mat issue. But for Toyota to shut down and not manufacture until the problem was resolved is a huge deal...and then to get the fix out asap is another huge deal. Let us highlight the fact that they are trying to take care of the problem. Granted something needs to be done to insure they are staying safe and reliable. But I find it amusing how we bash those who have achieved the American dream....unfortunately GM can't say the same...

DK said...

I have blog feed that I subscribe to and scan the headlines everyday. I stay pretty educated on the inner-"happenings" of the auto industry.

In contrary to your commending Toyota for stepping up to the plate is exactly why this recall has been made such a big deal, because Toyota wasn't so willing to deal with the issue. I'm talking years leading up to this point. Even in the days leading up to finally announcing the recall The U.S. Transportation Secretary had to fly to Japan himself to get them to act on the problem. There was some serious feet dragging going on.

I feel like there is a tendency to highlight the lows of GM. It's refreshing to see the lows of Toyota be highlighted for a change.

Again, I have an underdog complex. :P ...