Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fire on the Mountain Buffalo Wings

24 hours later and I still find my mouth watering for a bite. Hands down, the best Buffalo Wings I have ever eaten.

Fire on the Mountain Buffalo Wings

Two locations:
  • 4225 North Interstate Avenue • Portland, Oregon 97217 • 503.280.WING (9464)
  • 1708 East Burnside • Portland, Oregon 97214 • 503.230.WINGS (9464)


Robert Clifton said...

DUDE, thanks for this post. A great local wing joint is just what i've been looking for.

DK said...

Ha! We should go there some time.

My taste buds will be tingling for days to come.

ET said...

Great to see a picture of what you have been raving about. :P

DK said...

Ya, I didn't take the picture. That is courtesy of Google Image. It was one of the top images and is ironically 3 of the same 4 wings that I had. Hot, Extra Hot, and the green one that looks like it was taken out of the sewer is the Jamaican Jerk (Despite it's look, it's my favorite!). Buffalo Lime Cilantro was the 4 flavor we had.

In case anyone is wondering, Hot was actually the least hot out of the 4.