Saturday, January 09, 2010

OnLive Innovation (Video)

From the standpoint of a visionary, designer, innovator, and tech-geek this video is fascinating. I love this guys energy and his challenge to not let current paradigms create mental barriers that create us from accomplishing great things.

This is a long video. It might not be on a topic that you are very interested in, but give it a shot. I personally received the same enjoyment I get from a solid TED talk.

You can catch the 5 part video on youtube.


Anna said...

I watched long enough to be vastly amused when he said he wished he had a less violent game to show. The irony in developing something that will almost exclusively be used to play violent games, and then complaining about the lack of non-violent games to use in a demonstration... :)

DK said...

Ah yes. I remain thoroughly committed to the cause of video games being used as a medium for educational/developmental purposed. I feel I benefited from video games heavy in strategy at a young age, but I never had opportunity to overly indulge in violent or simple minded games (racing etc) - though I do confess to enjoying both.

Anna said...

I play - and enjoy - World of Warcraft myself. Although I try to severely limit my playing time, because otherwise I become sucked in.

I can't say I've ever been really impressed with the educational aspects of any video game, except perhaps that one where you go through transport squares advancing from room to room.... the one with the psychotic computer and the cake... don't know what it's called. Maybe I can think of a couple others... Civilization has popped into mind now.

Why do I ALWAYS have to do the word verification twice on your blog?

DK said...

Civ is a great one. The game I was referring to was Masters of Orion (1 and 2 specifically). It's a lot like Civ was intergalacticified.

Sorry on the hassle word verification. I'll see if I can make it chill out somewhere in the settings.

DK said...


Thanks for the FYI! I never would have known otherwise because it doesn't make blog authors do the verification.

Anna said...


Anna said...

Better. No word verification at all this time.