Saturday, December 05, 2009

Russian Missionary Murdered

I first read about Father Daniel Syosyev's death on TallSkinnyKiwi and my ears were perked again when I saw an article on (I found this site after my many conversations with our new neighbor Mong, a persecuted Christian refugee from Burma)

It appears Father Daniel Syosyev lived a radical life. He led at least 80 Muslims to Christ and had received 14 death threats. I can understand why the competing kingdoms of this world had a problem with his presence on earth.

The latest article I read states "He wrote about what other people think but are too afraid to say."

It makes me wonder what kingdoms in America are competing for our attention that too few Christians are afraid to talk about.


mrsashleybell said...

Wow that is really sad.

Steve Hayes said...

Well it's good that you should post the story, but you've put a picture of me there, and I'm still very much alive.

If you want to see a picture of Father Daniel, check here: Father Daniel, priest and martyr: Khanya

DK said...

Thanks for the correction Steve! :P That is the first time a google image search has failed me (that I know of).