Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Kneppraths Kreative Khristmas Tree!

In a nutshell, Elena and I are "making" a Christmas tree with cloth, hanging it on the wall, having kids from the apartments make paper ornaments to hang on the tree. At our Christmas party, we are going to invite our neighbors over to write prayer requests on the ornaments, and then we will put presents under the tree against the wall.

Saves space in our teeny apartment, money on our tight budget, and is a great way to engage our neighbors about the purpose of Christmas.

Where we still need your help:

We are still brainstorming ways to effectively engage our neighbors in the Christmas story at the party. It will have to be a "drop-in" style party so we won't be able to do an organized large group presentation. It will have to engage each person individually through some sort of activity. Maybe connected to writing the prayer request on the ornaments?

We are also trying to think of some creative ideas for some form of presents we can give to neighbors who stop by.


This is our own little spin on the Advent Conspiracy.

We'll post pictures later.

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