Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jasmine Thai Restaurant (Lincoln City)

If you find yourself in Lincoln City craving a delicious plate of Pad Thai with a tall cool glass of Thai Tea, I highly recommend Jasmine Thai Restaurant.

I went there with my bride during our family vacation a month ago and have been meaning to give them a plug. I have ordered Pad Thai at more Thai restaurant then I can count in pursuit of the best. Jasmine Thai comes in at a close second to a restaurant that is much closer to home for many of you in the Portland area.

Vi Thai (Wood Village, near Gresham) has prepared my favorite plate of Pad Thai no less then thirty times over. Vi Thai has set the standard to which all other Pad Thai is compared. Coupled with great service and a relaxing ambiance, it comes highly recommended.

Worth noting is Vi Thai and Jasmine Thai have comparably delicious Salad Rolls, though Jasmine Thai adds an artistic flair to the plate with some small carved carrots.

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