Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chevy Volt Nearing Production

Chevy Volt will interface to smart phone apps right out of the gate. This will allow for remotely scheduling charging times (to take advantage of cheaper utility rates), receive status updates from the car, research rates from utility companies, notify you if you forgot to plug it in after arriving home, and more.

This is a very positive indication of a culture shift at General Motors that should bode well for the Volt, as well as the rest of their portfolio.

The Volt sounds like a technical marvel all-around.

If you are not suave of the technical features of the Volt, Autoblog has a great review up from their first test drive in a pre-production model with all components of the vehicle functional. My favorite part of the article is the repeated observation about different aspects of the Volt which are "as good if not better" then hybrids currently on the market, to which Andrew Farah's (vehicle chief engineer) always remarked that the team is not satisfied and will continue to improve it before production.

Here's to hoping Andrew Farah and his team can pull it off!

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