Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Video Footage of San Francisco in 1905


Jeremy said...

You never cease to amaze me with your great web finds.

Two things were interesting.

The first every was staring at the camera. It must have been quite a contraption, and certianly most folks had never seen one, let alone one strapped to the front of a trolley.

The second was that I realized I had great anxiety watching all those near misses. It made me wonder how often wrecks and pedestrian collisions occured.

DK said...

Good comments Jeremy. I did find myself slouching down in my seat, backing my head back, thinking "oh shoot o shoot they're going to hit!".

It is interesting seeing such a diverse modes of transportation all crisscrossing on the street. Seems like total chaos compared to the 5 lane highways of today. But it doesn't look like anything has a greater top speed then 5 mph.

There's probably a "chain of command". It seems trolley's have priority, then carriages, then bikes and pedestrian's who can run out of the way quicker.

Anna said...

Yeesh, those near-misses made me flinch.

The music also gave the whole thing a surreal feeling. I imagine it was a lot noisier to be there in person.