Sunday, November 22, 2009

Google Wave Invites!

I have a limited number of Google Wave invites. Give me a good reason why I should invite you and it's yours - until I'm out.


Stephen said...

Well, I can't speak to why you should specifically give me an invite because I don't know you personally, but Google Wave is founded on being a social communication tool. It functions through as many people utilizing it as possible.

A friend of mine whom I collaborate with on many web and projects has Google Wave but no one to use it with since he has no invites.

I would much appreciate an invite and would love to send out my invites once I receive them.

My email is

I thank you in advance if you decide to choose me.

Robert Clifton said...

Because we are like totally BFFs

DK said...

@Stephen, Your insane 17 minute reply rewards you the right of an invite.

@Rob, You are like totally qualified.

Robert Clifton said...

your the man DK!