Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)

Anyone know of anywhere I can get, or would anyone be interested in creating, a piece of art depicting "Agnus Dei". I'm looking for something like this:


Anna said...

If you want to buy a print online, here's a couple possibilities:

Agnus Dei 1

Agnus Dei 2

Agnus Dei 3

Otherwise... I suppose you could try the Queen of Peace bookstore in Vancouver or the gift shop at the Grotto, but their websites don't indicate they carry any Agnus Dei art.

DK said...

Thanks so much for the links Anna! I really like the first one. Elena and I will have to check out the shop at the Grotto sometime.

Anna said...

You're welcome. Although I really don't know what the Grotto gift shop has to offer well enough to recommend it or not, in general. :)

Brandon said...


My brother in law is pretty good. Check out his site.

DK said...

Brandon! Could you please email me more details? It would be great if you could introduce us. My wife and I would love to meet with him and talk about paying him to make a piece of art.