Monday, November 30, 2009

More Beautiful Tilt-Shift Videos

I have posted a tilt-shift video before but I am still blown away.

Disney World:

Ocean Rescue:

Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Mardi Gras Parade:

Mardi Gras from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Snow Leopard Tip: Gradient on Mouse-Over in Stacks

This is a greatly little trick that makes stacks even more enjoyable.

Open terminal and paste: defaults write mouse-over-hilite-stack -boolean YES;killall Dock;killall Terminal

Hit enter. Terminal will close and dock will flash.


Puppy Vs. Praying Mantis

More scenes from the encounter. Let's just say it didn't end so well for the praying mantis.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

NT Wright on Blogging

Since you are reading this on my blog/twitter/Facebook status, this quick video has some good content for you to consider.

NT Wright imparts some ideas on the dehumanization of communication that are worth chewing on:

NT Wright on Blogging/Social Media from Bill Kinnon on Vimeo.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Why Do Palin Supports Support Palin? (Video)

Spoiler: They don't know why. I'd rate this video somewhere between scary, sad, and hilarious:

Disclaimer: I don't post this video to knock "the right" and in turn imply support for "the left". I don't believe the simplistic, black and white, that the media paints that affirms a destructive two party system is healthy or helpful for the well being of our nation.

I believer that if you take the time to get to know me, you will find I don't fit in either mold, and maybe you will find you don't either.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

How To (Accurately) Estimate Church Attendance

"It's a complex thing to measure church attendance but here are a few pointers on arriving at an accurate number based on the attendance figures they give you.

- 50% if its a Pentecostal worship service because they count the legs and forget to divide by two.

- 30% if its a Baptist church because they count members on the roll and not all of them are still living.

+ 10 if its a Vineyard service because those rugs on the floor were actually people!
+ 20% if it's a fundamentalist church because they don't count the people they didn't want there.

- 30% if it's an Anglican/Presbyterian/Methodist church because the number they gave you is from their huge Easter service.

+ 15% if it's an ethnic/non-western service because all those people coming late missed the counting.

- 10% if its a megachurch because the worship team and welcome team got counted during all 5 services.

- 520% if its a Catholic church because they count the parish, not the church attendance.

+ 20% if it's an emergent service because those having a smoke outside were not counted.

- 25 % if its a Reformed church service because they count the people who SHOULD have been there.

- 15% if it's a house church because the neighborhood kids playing video games in the back room somehow managed to get counted with everyone else. So did the guy delivering pizza."
Courtesy of Tall Skinny Kiwi.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

LinkedIn...To What? (Video)

This would seem to be a hilarious knock at LinkedIn, except it is utterly false. Do not let these ideas prevent you from making a profile and developing your LinkedIn network. I will explain later.

While your at it, check out my profile. :P

Fresh Hot Wave Invites

Let me know if you (or anyone you know) is interested.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tea w/ A Persecuted Christian from Burma

Wow.... Elena and I just had an amazing 2 hour conversation with a brother in Christ from Burma. We met last week when I was going door to door inviting our neighbors to our Thanksgiving potluck. I gave him a call yesterday and invited him over for tea and cake to connect deeper.

He moved in to our apartments 2 weeks ago and has only been in America for 8 months. After spending over 5 years in prison being tortured (1999-2005) he fled with his church to Malaysia and Thailand before arriving in America. Powerful story of love, persecution, purpose, joy, injustice, pain, peace, fear, and forgiveness.

We invited him to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with Elena's family. I'm super excited to continue growing deeper in this relationship.

Video Footage of San Francisco in 1905

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Google Wave Invites!

I have a limited number of Google Wave invites. Give me a good reason why I should invite you and it's yours - until I'm out.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Experience An Epipheo Recently?

I've posted so many videos BY this guy in the last two years (like this, that, this, and even this), I might as well post the one that he made ABOUT what he does:

Friday, November 20, 2009

People of a Second Chance

I recently had a discussion of emotion vs. choice in love. There is a great interview with Ted Haggard and his wife. Gayle's words towards the beginning of the interview are profound evidence of the power of choice in love.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Google Chrome (The OS, not the Browser)

Since I posted the video about Google Wave I found out that I have a second degree connection with the guy who made it (Epipheo Studies, the same guy behind Advent Conspiracy videos).

It turns out, Google caught wind of the video (most likely through my blog), flew him down to their headquarters, gave him a standing ovation, and asked him to do a similar video for their upcoming Google Chrome operating system:

Cool huh?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thoughts on Elitism

"Don't let your experience turn you in to an expert". This is a healthy reminder to keep your ego in check. To keep you from rambling on being divise to the purpose of collaboration and unity.

However, if you find yourself being dished up lavish amounts of elitism, it seems there are two instinctual responses. You can join in the affirming rounds of high-fives and enter in the elite circles or you can repulsively turn your back in defiance.

The challenge of humility introduces a third option. Just because someone is being elitist does not mean they don't have something valid and important to contribute. In humility you are tasked with the responsibility to "de-elite-ify" and sift out the gold from the river bed.

Thanks Milan, for the quote and the stimulating conversation.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Colby the Christian Robot...?

I don't know if I am more frustrated, confused, or freaked out after watching this video:

Did anyone encounter Colby the Christian Robot in their childhood? I am eternally grateful that I did not. I came across an article by a man who was scarred for life by his experience.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)

Anyone know of anywhere I can get, or would anyone be interested in creating, a piece of art depicting "Agnus Dei". I'm looking for something like this:

Monday, November 09, 2009

Gorgeous "Tilt-Shift" Perspective Manipulation (Video)

If you don't know what tilt-shift perspective manipulation is, you are in for a treat with this video! Especially if you like miniature scale models.

Watch here:

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Clean That Coffee Maker!

Consider this a friendly reminder to clean that coffee maker of yours to ensure you aren't brewing mineral deposits and nasty old oils into your next cup of the miracle drink.

There's a lot of overly complicated and excessively thorough instructions on how to do it properly.

  • Simply brew 1 part vinegar* with 2 parts water.
  • If you feel it's been awhile, repeat.
  • Then brew a pot or two of water to rinse.
*If you don't have vinegar, lemon juice works well too.

With that fresh pot of coffee tasting better then ever, be careful not to let your addiction to Le Café get out of control.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Friday, November 06, 2009

MacHeist nanoBundle (6 Free Apps!)

This is a no brainer for any Mac user. Download 6 free apps in the MacHeist nanoBundle! Only 5 days left, and we have to hit 500,000 participants to unlock the 6th app!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Family on a Mission of Crazy an RV (Video)

I was intrigued, visited their website to learn more (About Crazy Love In Action), and ended up bawling when I watched the following video:

I was particularly interested how Francis Chan (which I recently posted a blog about in regard to "why we live where we do") and a mission trip to Africa shook up their world.

This emotionally packed web-journey was the result of link clicking, which all started after reading this post (About a missionary family of 7 living on the road in a camper in Europe) on a blog I have been following for years - TallSkinnyKiwi.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Spiritual Canticle: Songs Between the Soul & The Bridegroom

I was previously captivated by the work of Fray Luis de Leon, tonight another Spanish mystic has caught my attention - St. John of the Cross. His Spiritual Canticle is another beautiful work of Spanish literature.

The stanzas begin with a person's initial steps in the service of God and continue until the ultimate state of perfection is reached, which is spiritual marriage. They refer, consequently, to the three states or ways of spiritual exercise (purgative, illuminative, and unitive) through which a person passes in advancing to this state, and they describe some of the characteristics and effects of these ways.

Songs Between the Soul and the Bridegroom:

1. Where have you hidden,
Beloved, and left me moaning?
You fled like the stag
after wounding me;
I went out calling you, but you were gone.

2. Shepherds, you who go
up through the sheepfolds to the hill,
if by chance you see
him I love most,
tell him I am sick, I suffer, and I die.

3. Seeking my Love
I will head for the mountains and for watersides,
I will not gather flowers,
nor fear wild beasts;
I will go beyond strong men and frontiers.

4. O woods and thickets,
planted by the hand of my Beloved!
O green meadow,
coated, bright, with flowers,
tell me, has he passed by you?

5. Pouring out a thousand graces,
he passed these groves in haste;
and having looked at them,
with his image alone,
clothed them in beauty.

6. Ah, who has the power to heal me?
now wholly surrender yourself!
Do not send me
any more messengers,
they cannot tell me what I must hear.

7. All who are free
tell me a thousand graceful things of you;
all wound me more
and leave me dying
of, ah, I-don't-know-what behind their stammering.

8. How do you endure
O life, not living where you live,
and being brought near death
by the arrows you receive
from that which you conceive of your Beloved?

9. Why, since you wounded
this heart, don't you heal it?
And why, since you stole it from me,
do you leave it so,
and fail to carry off what you have stolen?

10. Extinguish these miseries,
since no one else can stamp them out;
and may my eyes behold you,
because you are their light,
and I would open them to you alone.

11. Reveal your presence,
and may the vision of your beauty be my death;
for the sickness of love
is not cured
except by your very presence and image.

12. O spring like crystal!
If only, on your silvered-over faces,
you would suddenly form
the eyes I have desired,
which I bear sketched deep within my heart.

13. Withdraw them, Beloved,
I am taking flight!


Return, dove,
the wounded stag
is in sight on the hill,
cooled by the breeze of your flight.


14. My Beloved, the mountains,
and lonely wooded valleys,
strange islands,
and resounding rivers,
the whistling of love-stirring breezes,

15. the tranquil night
at the time of the rising dawn,
silent music,
sounding solitude,
the supper that refreshes, and deepens love.

16. Catch us the foxes,
for our vineyard is now in flower,
while we fashion a cone of roses
intricate as the pine's;
and let no one appear on the hill.

17. Be still, deadening north wind;
south wind, come, you that waken love,
breathe through my garden,
let its fragrance flow,
and the Beloved will feed amid the flowers.

18. You girls of Judea,
while among flowers and roses
the amber spreads its perfume,
stay away, there on the outskirts:
do not so much as seek to touch our thresholds.

19. Hide yourself, my love;
turn your face toward the mountains,
and do not speak;
but look at those companions
going with her through strange islands.


20. Swift-winged birds,
lions, stags, and leaping roes,
mountains, lowlands, and river banks,
waters, winds, and ardors,
watching fears of night:

21. By the pleasant lyres
and the siren's song, I conjure you
to cease your anger
and not touch the wall,
that the bride may sleep in deeper peace.

22. The bride has entered
the sweet garden of her desire,
and she rests in delight,
laying her neck
on the gentle arms of her Beloved.

23. Beneath the apple tree:
there I took you for my own,
there I offered you my hand,
and restored you,
where your mother was corrupted.


24. Our bed is in flower,
bound round with linking dens of lions,
hung with purple,
built up in peace,
and crowned with a thousand shields of gold.

25. Following your footprints
maidens run along the way;
the touch of a spark,
the spiced wine,
cause flowings in them from the balsam of God.

26. In the inner wine cellar
I drank of my Beloved, and, when I went abroad
through all this valley
I no longer knew anything,
and lost the herd that I was following.

27. There he gave me his breast;
there he taught me a sweet and living knowledge;
and I gave myself to him,
keeping nothing back;
there I promised to be his bride.

28. Now I occupy my soul
and all my energy in his service;
I no longer tend the herd,
nor have I any other work
now that my every act is love.

29. If, then, I am no longer
seen or found on the common,
you will say that I am lost;
that, stricken by love,
I lost myself, and was found.

30. With flowers and emeralds
chosen on cool mornings
we shall weave garlands
flowering in your love,
and bound with one hair of mine.

31. You considered
that one hair fluttering at my neck;
you gazed at it upon my neck
and it captivated you;
and one of my eyes wounded you.

32. When you looked at me
your eyes imprinted your grace in me;
for this you loved me ardently;
and thus my eyes deserved
to adore what they beheld in you.

33. Do not despise me;
for if, before, you found me dark,
now truly you can look at me
since you have looked
and left in me grace and beauty.


34. The small white dove
has returned to the ark with an olive branch;
and now the turtledove
has found its longed-for mate
by the green river banks.

35. She lived in solitude,
and now in solitude has built her nest;
and in solitude he guides her,
he alone, who also bears
in solitude the wound of love.


36. Let us rejoice, Beloved,
and let us go forth to behold ourselves in your beauty,
to the mountain and to the hill,
to where the pure water flows,
and further, deep into the thicket.

37. And then we will go on
to the high caverns in the rock
which are so well concealed;
there we shall enter
and taste the fresh juice of the pomegranates.

38. There you will show me
what my soul has been seeking,
and then you will give me,
you, my life, will give me there
what you gave me on that other day:

39. the breathing of the air,
the song of the sweet nightingale,
the grove and its living beauty
in the serene night,
with a flame that is consuming and painless.

40. No one looked at her,
nor did Aminadab appear;
the siege was still;
and the cavalry,
at the sight of the waters, descended.