Friday, October 09, 2009

Summer Setting On The Horizon

Elena and I enjoyed this last push of sunny weather by having a KFC picnic dinner (Can you believe that's the first time she has tried KFC?). It sparked some reflection on this last summer. It has been thrilling and full of changes.

I inched ever closer to completing my bachelors at PSU by polishing off two ethics classes over summer term. It resulted in some interesting summer reading combinations between the two of us. Many times Elena and I laughed at eclectic mixes of literature.

Being married has been the best experience of my life! On top of my two classes and both of us working full time at the same office (Impact Northwest) we found time to invest in and enjoy our community at Barberry, as well as spontaneous retreats to the Columbia Gorge and Oregon Coast.

Fall brings many new exciting adventures!

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ET said...

I love how you whipped out that random picture you took of the books :P I totally forgot about it and it took me a while to realize those were our pictures!